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At your Pub or Tavern THE SALTWATER HILLBILLY can be anything you want him to be. Do you miss that Old School fun with everyone singing and having a great time? Well….THE SALTWATER HILLBILLY brought it back.

Check out videos below.

All that singing is drowning out the sound of the register ringing!!!

Of course the whole thing can be dialed back a bit if ya like.


" Every seat full, you can't ask for more than that"

M. Lynch....Managing Partner Sebasco Harbor Resort


"That was AWSOME!!!! You CRUSHED IT!!!

Nate and Josh....Flight Deck Brewing Co. after SWH had a standing room only crowd singing and dancing for 3 hours!! Yikes!


"Simply the best we have had in this room in 10 years!" We haven't had so much fun in like...ever! Nobody does what you do, Nobody!"

Annie....Bartender at Trackside Station


" We have not had anyone draw like you, people come back over and over for you"

Charles....GM Seadog Camden


"We came in for 1 drink and stayed for 2 hours. We just wanted to see what you would do next"

John and Lisa....Portland Maine


“You owned the room."

Sheldon....Bath Maine


“It felt like we were on vacation!!!!......and we live here!!!!”

Kelly….Brunswick, Maine

   It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere...

Do you think these folks bought

many drinks?

Going Old School!!

Listen to the crowd!!

Wanna Dance?

Wanna Sing?

Wanna Sing S'more?

Best Buddy Max

 Joins the Fun!!

Na Na Na Na

  Good Bye!!!

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