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Update...........Sept 2023

FANTASTIC SUMMER AT BRADY'S!!!!!!!!!  Returning Summer 2024!!!!

Full house every week. Folks from all over the world and around the corner singing, laughing, and dancing.



Update..............January 2023

Yikes! EXCITING NEWS!!!!!!!!

THE SALTWATER HILLBILLY has been performing throughout New England since 2012 at Fairs, Festivals, Concert Series, and Iconic Tourist Destinations. Each of these venues requires a different type of show.

In 2023 SWH is Putting It All Together and releasing a new show.....


It's an Old School Happy Hour Sing-a-long with Comedy and Dancing. Booking Exclusively in one venue in each market. In the Boothbay Region....SWH will bring the show to BRADY'S BOOTHBAY HARBOR every Sunday, Memorial Day to Labor Day. Brady's is a great place owned by Lobstermen right on the water! They know how to have fun! Yikes! Conga Line Every Time.....Dogs in the Conga Line. Read that again. Watch your inbox for updates.


UPDATE.............FALL 2021

Wow.....THE SALTWATER HILLBILLY is going into his 10th year!!!! After a challenging 2020 and a restorative 2021, SWH is as strong as ever. Thanks SWH fans for making it so fun! We are going into 2022 with some new venues along with some we have enjoyed for 10 years!!! Can you believe it!!!???? The addition of the COMEDY portion of the act has been a ball!!! SWH fans know how to have fun! THANKS!!!!

UPDATE:............FALL 2019

During the past 7 years, THE SALTWATER HILLBILLY has become one of New England's busiest performers booked over a year in advance at New England's largest Fairs and Festivals along with Maine's most popular and iconic tourist destinations. He has even sponsored a Little League Team. THE SALTWATER HILLBILLIES.

That's cool!

In a pub....NO ONE does it like SWH!!!

See below to learn how it all started.................


..............In the winter of 2012, a group of hospitality professionals from Sebasco Harbor Resort contacted performer Dennis Doiron to help them develop a new event. The profile of their guests had changed over the years and they needed to update their programming to better serve their new guests. A focus group was scheduled. In attendance were resort managers, restaurant and pub managers, wedding/conference/event planners and marketing professionals. The basic question asked was “What do tourists want when they come to Maine?”
  When discussing accomodations, menus and activities, the terms FAMILY FRIENDLY, RELAXED, FUN, and FAMILIAR, kept appearing. When specifically asked what type of music was best suited to the widest demographic of visitors, hundreds of songs were listed. The group determined that a repertoire of BOAT SONGS, BEACH SONGS, ISLAND SONGS, COUNTRY SONGS, and COWBOY SONGS would fit a huge variety of events, from beautiful background music in an upscale dining room or elegant rehearsal dinners, to relaxed fun music for outdoor waterfront dining, to old fashioned sing-a-longs in pubs to festivals and fairs.
  As a result THE SALTWATER HILLBILLY was born and Dennis Doiron has become one of the busiest performers in Maine. He's Tropical Breezes and Big Western Skies. He’s a Hawaiian Cowboy. He’s a Yodeling Rasta. He’s Bob Marley meets Slim Whitman. He’s Don Ho meets Gene Autry. He’s Elvis meets Jimmy Buffet singing songs from the 1920's through last week.
  Customers include, THE BIG E!!!, Sebasco Harbor Resort, Point Sebago Resort, Ferry Beach Resort, Topsham Fair, Topsfield Fair, Union Fair, Bath Heritage Days, Bath Waterfront Concerts, Sebago Days, Richmond Days, Hampton Inns, Estes Lobster House, Seadog Brewing Co, Flight Deck Brewing Co, as well as many elegant private functions. If you want your guests singing along, that will happen. If you want someone in the background creating a relaxing seaside feeling that your guests will remember, that will happen. You want a little of both?   Great!

                                                             Why THE SALTWATER HILLBILLY?
                                                                                         It’s a little silly isn’t it?            Well…….Maybe.
Even though Dennis Doiron is well known in mid-coast Maine, many people visiting have never heard of him. He has taken the time and expense to create THE SALTWATER HILLBILLY brand so that you the venue will get more benefit from your marketing. When people see
THE SALTWATER HILLBILLY listed in your advertising, they see something unique and are more likely to give it a second look. It’s as simple as that.

                                                            Please tour the website to see SWH in action.


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